Pittsburgh Family Photographer Jenny Stein Black and White photo of little boy

How much does it cost?

The session:

We'll schedule a time for me to come over and spend time photographing your child - this is your session. The cost for a session is $250.

(Read more about what to expect at a session here.)

After your session, I edit your photos and you can expect about 25 photos to view. There are no photos included when you pay for your session. After you see your photos, you decide what you want to buy from the session: digital files, prints, or both.

Digital Files:

Single file: $150

Complete set of digital files and complimentary set of 4x6 prints: $550

great Things about digital files:

  • You can make as many prints as you like. You can make a holiday card or birth announcement and send it everyone you know.

  • They are great for wallpaper on your computer or phone.

  • Digital files are easy to attach to an email and send to your mom.

  • You can store them online away from floods, fire and the sticky hands of your toddler.

Not so great things about Digital files:

  • They need a screen to be seen.

  • Digital files have a way of sitting, rarely viewed, on a computer hard drive or in the cloud, waiting to be printed for the grandparents.

  • Hard drives fail. Digital files need to be backed up.

If you love to make photo books or have a favorite place to have your photos printed, digital files are the way to go.


Small Prints (up to 8x10) are $35

Mounted prints larger than 8x10 start at $50 

Great things about Prints:

  • They can be displayed on the wall or a desk and your kid's beautiful face can take you by surprise when you walk by.

  • You can tuck one in an envelope, put a stamp on it and make your mom's day when she opens her mailbox.

  • If you have a print on the wall or in an album, they are unlikely to be lost.

  • Kids can look at them without a screen.

Not So Great Things About Prints:

  • They can get wet and wrinkled when carried around by a toddler.

  • They have to be dusted.

  • That's all I've got. I love prints.

If you have a thousands of unprinted photos on your phone and you can't seem to get around to printing them, buying prints from your session is the way to go.

I'm here to Help

You might know exactly what you want, but if you don't - I'm here to help. I'll make sure you get what you need so you can enjoy your portraits for years to come.