Let's do this where your child is most comfortable: home.

Pittsburgh Family Photographer Jenny Stein photo of boy being photographed in his home

There's no need to pull him away from what he's doing and put him in the car. We all do that often enough, don't we? I'll come to you. 

While the photos are taken at home, they aren't about your home. The focus is on your child.

For some kids, it takes only a few minutes to warm up to the idea of a photo. I'll find a good spot, take some photos and we're done.

Other times, it takes a little longer. Sometimes, we'll start by looking at some favorite toys or meeting the family pet. When your child is ready, we'll take some photos. 

Pittsburgh Family Photographer Jenny Stein color portrait of young boy

We'll talk about what you want to do with the photos. Whether it's making an album or framing a print to hang in your home, I'll help you make it happen.