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I'm Jenny - a 47 year old married mother of five. My oldest is 16.  My youngest is two. I've only been called her grandmother twice. Pittsburgh has always been my home and I love it here. I make a lot of pizza and pancakes. I loved being around babies and kids before I had my own. When our first baby arrived, I was smitten. Still am.

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About the Experience

There are many things you do as a parent that are difficult. Getting a beautiful portrait of your child that you love to look at doesn't have to be one of them.

I'll come to you and we'll get a photo where your child is most comfortable: home. 


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His first teeth come in and the gummy grin is gone. She starts school and the mismatched outfits she once loved sit in the back of her drawer. Her beloved stuffed duck is lost and not missed. What the old people say to you in the grocery check out line is true: it really does go by fast.


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Jenny has the eye of a master photographer. So many photographers these days
take thousands of shots and lean heavily on digital editing. Jenny chooses each shot
carefully and edits lightly. Each one of her photos is a gem.
— Leland Guthrie - father of Kaleia, Jade and Luca