Family Photographer Pittsburgh Jenny Stein photo of family of seven

I've lived in Point Breeze for the past twenty years - ever since I moved here from just thirty miles up Route 28. My husband has lived here his whole life. We live on a little dead end street where my oldest daughter's first solo bike ride was cheered on by neighbors watching from their porches. It's a place like Annie Dillard's Point Breeze street she wrote about in An American Childhood, "Houses rarely changed hands; from here there was nowhere in town to move to. The next step was a seat at the right hand of God."

We love the Steelers, the Pens and will never give up on the Pirates. We aren't above french fries on our salads and love watching fireworks at the Point on the Fourth of July. 

Before I had my own children, I taught elementary school kids. I loved teaching art class and was big fan of paint and glitter. Now, we do painting outside and after cleaning up glitter for months after a single glittery project, glitter is not allowed in the house.

I embarrass my older children. It's not hard. I do things like dance to music playing in the grocery store. I also ask new moms I meet how breastfeeding is going and "How was your birth?" 

My husband and I both have five siblings. We both grew up in the chaos of a big family and now count our brothers and sisters as our best friends. 

Photo by my beloved husband, Steve

Photo by my beloved husband, Steve

Photo by  Mary Beth Miller
Photo by  Garen Meguerian